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About Copenhagen Grooming

About us

We are not a brand for the masses. We are a brand for you.

We help men grow and groom awesome beards with radical products inspired by you.

You who dare to stand out. You who dare to be different. You who bring the world to life with your diversity.

Copenhagen office

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Fjeldhammervej 19,
2610 Rødovre, Copenhagen,

Barcelona office

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Carrer de Zamora 46, 1º 3ª
08011 Barcelona,

We are always looking for talented people.

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In accordance with the marketing regulations (and Facebook/Google policies) we cannot guarantee results from using our products. Our claims are based on clinical studies, but all men are different and the results from using The Beard Growth Kit vary - and some men might not see any improvement at all. However, what we can guarantee is that we offer your money back if you don't see any results after 150 days and have followed the simple conditions in our Growth Guarantee.