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Office Assistant

WANTED: Hostess with the mostess

There’s more to work than being stuck in a hamster wheel and going to work shouldn’t suck! Work is about having fun while creating a huge success. As a company, we believe that work should be filled with awesome individuals, who contribute to a strong social culture, celebrate diversity, and takes pride in their work. 

We started Copenhagen Grooming in 2018 to help men around the world grow and groom banger beards but also with a vision of creating an awesome community for our employees. Because we’re stronger together. We work across divisions to do things smarter and better. Always to inspire and to be inspired. Striving to make new standards for e-commerce and rule out old boring habits. 

At the moment, we’re 17 creative, ambitious, and energetic individuals, who have a hard time balancing all office administrative work while letting the creativity flow freely and develop radical products. This is where you come in!

Your friends say you

  • Are a natural-born organizer and a keen problem-solver
  • Have a pleasing gene of a German Shepard and always strives to make people feel welcome
  • Are the one who always knows when and where to meet
  • Are the party committee member who plans and throw a badass party

Keep calm and let the Office Assistant 

  • Run day-to-day office operations and keep the office tight
  • Create an awesome environment and spread good energy at the office
  • Organize and prepare for meetings and appointments
  • Coordinate and execute company events 

If you’re seeing stars, apply now! 

The position is full time and it is mandatory that you write and speak fluent Danish and English. We’re continuously hiring, so send your application ASAP to if you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. 


We don’t need a big motivational letter from you but we would much rather have you spend that time answering these following questions as part of your application alongside your CV. 

  • Why do you want to work at Copenhagen Grooming?
  • Tell us about a situation where you had to coordinate an event or social gathering 
  • What would you describe as the best example of teamwork? 
  • How would you describe the perfect work environment?
  • What inspires you in your life?