Social Media Expert

We’re looking for a skilled Social Media Expert, who can curate our Instagram feed whilst creating banger content. 

Our new Social Media Expert will own and be responsible for our Instagram account. You will set targets and create an overall strategy for our Instagram - and execute it. Alongside our Content Creation team and our Brand Representative, you will make sure that all content aligns with our values, our overall strategy and our tone of voice. All while being the one behind the camera - following our CG Brand Rep around. Creating those stories and posts that will wow our followers and showcase our products and community the best way. We want to empower diversity and continuously make sure that we are the go-to brand when your beard needs that extra attention. 

You will plan and execute posts alongside our brand representative and come up with new ideas to how we can engage our followers even more. You know what good content is, and you know how to get the best interactions on Instagram. You will often find yourself following our Brand Rep around, making sure that all his moves are recorded, that all the awesome beards you come across are documented and that our office vibe (along with new initiatives) are present on our social media platforms.   

Skills needed to succeed

  • You are a wizard with a camera - whether it’s photography or video - you got us covered

  • Knowledge and experience in photo and video editing

  • A creative mindset and you are not afraid to try out new ideas

  • Teamwork - you’re used to working in groups, and you thrive in an inspiring environment - where you trust that working together, makes a better result

You’ll stand out if you

  • Are a creator at heart - you know how to differ and you’re open for crazy ideas on the go

  • Have run a company Instagram page before, and can visualize impact and ROI

  • Know what it takes to get a message across

The position will be full-time and you’ll be situated in our office in Copenhagen.  

Working with us should be exciting and fun. We wish to inspire and impact.  

We believe in challenging ourselves and each other. And then we dare to do things differently. Do you? Then come join us - our journey is just getting started. 

Send your application alongside your ideas on how you would impact our Instagram channel to - we’ll be interviewing continuously, so send your application as soon as possible. 

Copenhagen Grooming

Copenhagen Grooming was founded in 2018 by a small group of friends, who wanted to create a revolutionary product that could help men across the world grow their beards. CG is built on the belief that we’re stronger together. We want you to be a part of the process; We’re not a brand for the masses, we’re a brand for you!

Today, we’re no longer just a small group of friends. We’re humble and we’re proud. We’re powered by the real experts - you and us, together. Behind CG, we’re a diverse team of creative individuals with unique looks and personalities. We believe that together we can make life a bit more fun for you; our bearded companions.


In accordance with the marketing regulations (and Facebook/Google policies) we cannot guarantee results from using our products. Our claims are based on clinical studies, but all men are different and the results from using The Beard Growth Kit vary - and some men might not see any improvement at all. However, what we can guarantee is that we offer your money back if you don't see any results after 150 days and have followed the simple conditions in our Growth Guarantee.