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Shipping Status COVID-19

Our bearded fellows,

We hope you are doing well during these times! We know that the current COVID-19 lockdown can be a pain, but what better way to spend your time at home than to grow your beard; Stay in, grow out.

We see that a lot of you guys are looking to boost or groom your beard. This means we’re busier than usual and it will take a bit longer to get your order. Stay updated on the shipping and delivery of your order below.

Do you still ship?

Yes! We still ship packages around the world. Our warehouse and carriers are working non-stop to get all of your orders shipped as fast as possible under these extraordinary circumstances.

Carriers are taking strict safety precautions which results in longer delivery times. We kindly ask you to keep an eye on your tracking information with your local carrier as well as the precautions taken in your own region.

When will my order be shipped?

Our warehouse is working hard to prepare all packages for shipping following all Danish regulations for safety precautions. Because of these new working conditions, shipping your package takes longer than usual.

At the moment, it takes a few days extra to ship your package. You will receive all tracking information once your order is prepared and ready to be shipped.

When will my order be delivered?

The majority of orders are delivered within the predicted amount of days. However, due to the precautions taken around the world service delays may occur. These delays will be longer than those seen during Black Friday and Christmas.

Orders may take a while to be scanned when arriving in the destination country. This is because the sorting facilities are busier than usual. We understand this can be concerning. Please, rest assured parcels will arrive slowly but surely.

Can I still reach Customer Relations?

Sure thing! Our banger Customer Relations Team is at home and ready to help.

Many of you have already reached out and we’re so happy to assist all of you on your journey and help locate your packages. Responses will take longer than you’re used to and we appreciate your patience.

Stay safe!
The entire CG team

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