How to care for a beard

Written by: Simon Bang


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Whether you’re in the process of growing a beard or you already have one, beard care is essential. The las thing you want is your beard looking filthy, untidy and wild. Instead, you want your facial hair looking resplendent, fresh and stylish. In order to secure that, you need to care for your beard in the same manner as you would of any other type of personal grooming.

In the following beard care guide, we will go through 3 fundamental tips to help you maintain a healthy,
well-groomed beard and what beard care products you should use to achieve that.

1. Wash your beard regularly and with the correct products

The first and most important thing to do to maintain a healthy and well-groomed beard is to wash it. You should wash your beard with clean lukewarm water every day to remove dirt, germs, pollution and dead skin.


Two or three times a week (depending on what you do for everyday life), you should wash your beard with a shampoo or wash. And not just any shampoo; a beard-specific beard wash. The hair on you head is not the same as your facial hair and should therefore not be treated as such. Using a regular shampoo on your beard will strip away important natural oils. Always use a real beard shampoo as it will help soften the beard and keep it from getting dried out.


The beard wash, 8AM Splash, from CPH Grooming is an excellent choice as a nurturing beard shampoo, that will not only remove dirt and bacteria from your beard, but also leaves your beard soft and fragrant.

2. Use a beard oil

Another very important thing to do to maintain a well-groomed beard is to use a beard oil every day.


One of the biggest problems that men with beards encounter, is that the skin underneath the beard dries out. This will result in itching, redness and flaking. Luckily, using a high-quality beard oil will make sure that your beard stays moist and nourished.


We recommend that you use a beard oil 1-2 times per day. Preferably in the morning after you’ve been in the shower and right before you go to bed. This will ensure that the skin underneath your beard stays hydrated at all time.

3. Trim it

Last but certainly not least, it’s extremely important that you remember to trim your beard – even if you’re in the process of growing it. Some people wrongly think that you should only trim your beard after it has reached your desired length. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, trimming your beard regularly will actually make it grow even faster. Yes, you read correctly, trimming your beard encourages the hair to grow thicker, longer and at a faster rate.


Another reason why you should trim your beard, is to shape and style it. No one likes a tangled and unruly beard. And you can’t completely rely only on your local barber every time your beard needs a trimming. Take a look at The Beard Scissors from CPH Grooming.


You may trim and style your beard just as you please, but there are some general guidelines that you should strive to follow:


  • Trim your neckline and cheek line

  • Use the right tools

  • Go slowly


The last guideline is especially important. You don’t want to rush things and end up accidentally carving out giant bald spots because you weren’t taking your time.

Image of Simon Bang, co-founder of Copenhagen Grooming.

Simon Bang, Co-Founder

Meet Simon, one of the co-founders of Copenhagen Grooming. His passion for men's grooming and expertise in communication have shaped the brand's ethos. Simon curates grooming solutions, writes content, and educates about the products.

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