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If you're on a quest to get a thick mustache, why not explore some unconventional and quirky techniques? We know for a fact that the waiting game for a strong mustache can be infuriating at times - that’s why some of these methods are focusing directly on stimulating growth, and some can help create the illusion of a thicker one while you wait. 


Embrace your adventurous side and give these alternative techniques a try!

Technique 1 - Dyeing it

Just like makeup can transform and enhance your facial features, a mild beard dye can transform the way your whiskers appear. It turns out that not only does a darker shade in beards seem fuller by default but nearly none of beards consists of “one color”. 


And why is that important? When all hairs are the same color, it will naturally look more like one mass and give your mustache that extra punch. And even better, if you have some non-terminal beard hairs (also known as vellus hairs) this can be a great trick to “fill in” any gaps or sparse areas. Choose a shade that matches your natural hair color, and delicately apply the product to create the illusion of a fuller mustache. Be sure to blend it well for a seamless result.
If you are looking for a beard dye that gives you the bang for your buck, we recommend that you check out our Dye Hard series.

Technique 2 - The Art of Styling

Mastering the art of mustache styling can significantly impact its perceived fullness. Experiment with different techniques, such as curling or twisting your mustache, to add volume and dimension. Use a small comb or brush to train the hair in the desired direction. Applying a bit of Cruise Control can also help hold the shape, straighten out curls and make it appear more voluminous.

Technique 3 - Strategic trimming

While you are wondering how to get a thicker mustache, here’s a contradiction for you: Believe it or not, strategic trimming can give the illusion of a thicker mustache. By trimming the hair around your mustache shorter, you create contrast and draw attention to the bulkier center. Use a fine-toothed comb as a guide and carefully trim any stray or sparse hairs that may be hindering the appearance of a fuller mustache. Remember to trim sparingly to avoid accidentally cutting off more than intended. But first off, try to give it a month with little to no trimming.

Technique 4 - Opt for a fuller mustache style

Whether you are considering the Hulk or Salvador Dali as your absolute mustache idol, the fact of the matter is that certain mustache styles naturally appear thicker and fuller.


Consider these popular options:


1 - The Chevron

This classic style features a thick and full mustache that extends horizontally across the upper lip, giving a robust appearance.

2 - The Handlebar

Known for its distinctive curled ends, the handlebar mustache adds volume and creates a bold statement. Use a beard balm to shape and maintain the curls.


3 - The Walrus

As the name suggests, the walrus mustache is a thick and bushy mustache, covering a significant portion of the upper lip. Embrace its wild and rugged appeal.

4 - The Horseshoe

Similar to the handlebar mustache, the horseshoe style extends downward, resembling the shape of a horseshoe. It gives the illusion of a denser mustache due to its width.

5 - The Natural Full

Letting your mustache grow out without trimming or shaping can create a fuller and more natural appearance. This style is ideal for those with naturally thick facial hair.

Technique 5 - Using Beard Growth Products

Tactical use of the derma roller in The Beard Growth Kit can effectively stimulate mustache growth. 


The derma roller's micro-needling action boosts blood circulation, collagen production, and serum absorption. Combined with the nutrient-rich growth serum, it nourishes hair follicles, promotes healthy growth, and awakens dormant follicles. 


This powerful duo strengthens existing hair, leading to a fuller and more vibrant mustache. Enhance your facial hair with confidence by incorporating the derma roller and Beard Growth Kit into your grooming routine. 


Watch your mustache flourish and enjoy the transformation.

Give it a try

While these alternative and quirky techniques won't magically increase the thickness of your mustache over night, they can help you create the illusion of a fuller and more impressive look. 


Experiment with different styles and grooming techniques to find what works best for you. Ultimately, the key is to embrace your individuality and wear your mustache with confidence. So, go ahead and have fun exploring these unconventional methods to amplify your mustache's impact.


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Simon Bang, Co-Founder

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