The Beard Comb

Precision styling. No snagging. No breakage.

$ 29

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An ordinary beard comb? Looks can be deceiving. We've spent months perfecting this bad boy of a beard controlling device. The beard comb is made of high-quality cellulose acetate and is handmade in a staggering 14-step process, of course, produced of biodegradable non-petroleum plastic.

It is specially designed to glide through any type and length of beards - avoiding any snagging or breakage. Now you can enjoy an excellent comb-ride with smoothly-tapered teeth and rounded tips that brings you perfect comfort and styling every time.


Length: 15 cm
Width: 3.5 cm 

Beard or skin will never go sore

Control them
whiskers, buddy!

Are you the "grooming on the go"- type of guy? Check our mini comb here: keychain comb



I highly recommend the Beard Comb. I use it several times during the day! I mainly use it to maintain a nice groomed look - Great bargain!


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