Beard Roller

A specialized derma roller made for stimulating beard growth.
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Beard Roller

Why it’s special

Stimulates blood circulation and serum absorption

The Beard Roller is a special derma roller for the beard that creates ‘micro-injuries’ to the skin which activates the inactive hair follicles in the facial area. This micro-needling procedure also allows your skin to more effectively absorb The Activator, boost your beard growth to its fullest potential, and fight patchy beard growth.

Consists of 540, 0.5 mm titanium needles.
Designed for boosting facial hair growth.
Safe, effective, and easy to use.

More than a feeling

Clinical Study

We strongly recommend combining The Activator with The Beard Roller.
In a 150-day clinical study, our Beard Growth Kit has proven impressive results.

Check out the full study here

Activated new facial hairs
Denser beard growth
Improved hair thickness

How to guide

How to use The Beard Roller

Use The Beard Roller every third day.
Clean the roller with The Beard Roller cleanser before use to prevent infections.
Roll with a light pressure 10 times back and forth - horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Note: Wash the roller with water after every use and don’t roll more than every third day. Derma rollers work with pauses in between sessions, giving your skin time to heal - overuse will not lead to extra gains.

More than a feeling

Awakens follicles and optimizes serum absorption

The Beard Roller stimulates beard growth by creating microchannels in the skin, to help activate new hair follicles and promote a fuller, thicker beard. When you engage in weekly derma rolling you will:

More than a feeling

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