Beard Growth

Our range of beard growth products is built up around The Beard Growth Kit, it’s components, as well as the products that will improve your facial hair growth throughout your beard growth journey.

The Beard Growth Kit Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming
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The Beard Growth Kit

The world's first

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Activator Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming


Beard growth serum

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SideKick Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming


Beard growth supplements

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Beard Roller Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming

Beard Roller

Growth stimulating roller

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Beard Roller Cleanser Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming

Beard Roller Cleanser


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Activator GO Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming

Activator GO

Growth stimulating ball pen

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Beard Scissors Beard Care Copenhagen Grooming

Beard Scissors

For trimming the edges

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The Keychain Comb Beard Care Copenhagen Grooming

The Keychain Comb

Stay groomed

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Beard Growth Kit + SideKick  Copenhagen Grooming
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Beard Growth Kit + SideKick

The ultimate beard growth kit

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The Beard Growth revolution

Having a well-groomed and dense beard is something we men have wanted throughout all of history. But every man's beard growth is different, and some can have trouble growing a beard.


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