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Beard Growth Kit

Stimulates beard growth

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Birthday Sale

Hair Growth Kit

Stimulates hair growth

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The Activator Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming

Beard Activator

Beard growth serum

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The Hair Growth Activator Hair Growth Copenhagen Grooming

Hair Growth Activator

Hair growth serum

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Beard Care Kit Beard Care Copenhagen Grooming

Beard Care Kit

Beard care and styling

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Activator GO Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming

Activator GO

Beard Growth stimulating pen

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Sidekick Beard Growth Copenhagen Grooming


Beard growth supplements

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Visible results guaranteed with all our growth and skincare kits - or your money back!


The Science of Stem Cell Technologies

At Copenhagen Grooming, our aim goes beyond conventional cosmetic solutions. We are dedicated to pioneering scientific advancements and producing products that truly deliver results.


The Journey

Discover everything you need to know for your journey with growing, grooming, and treating your beard and hair.

Your journey begins here.

How to use beard balm & beard oil

Beard care is essential for anyone who has a beard or are in the process of growing one...

How to use a derma roller for beard growth

If you want to try something new to stimulate beard hair growth you may have heard of derma rollers...

How to use a derma roller

If you want to try something new to stimulate beard hair growth, you may have heard of derma rollers...

Guide: How to groom and trim your beard

A beard can truly be a thing of beauty, but to look it's best, regular maintenance is necessary...

how to clean up you beard

Keeping your beard clean is essential. Not only to ensure that it always looks fresh and well groomed...

How to avoid and stop a flaky beard

A flaking beard is a very real thing. In fact, it is one of the main reasons men shave their beards...

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“We provoke confidence and help men feel good about themselves through products we love”

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