What is a healthy beard?

Written by: Simon Bang


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A healthy beard is a beard with a great shine that doesn't itch, flake, or is irritating in any shape or form. You can often immediately tell if a beard is healthy or not just by looking at it, and you can most definitely feel it. An unhealthy beard will appear sad, dull, and lustreless. More often than not, an unhealthy beard will also be itchy, the skin beneath the beard will be red, and beard dandruff will fall when touching the beard.

If you suffer from the consequences of an unhealthy beard, do not despair. There are many things you can do to turn the tables. We will be looking into those things in the following.

Healthy beard vs. unhealthy beard

To prevent irritated and itchy beards, it's important to understand what the root cause of this condition is.


The main cause of irritated and itchy beards is that the beard is so thick, that the skin underneath can’t breathe and therefore gets very dry. Dry skin will eventually get itchy and irritated if not properly treated. So, when you experience an irritated and itchy beard, it is actually most likely the skin underneath your beard that bother you and causes the problem.

How to obtain a healthy beard?

One of the most effective ways of preventing irritated and itchy beards is to use a beard oil every day. Depending on the degree of irritation, you might want to use it two times per day.


Using a beard oil as first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed, will ensure that your beard and skin stays hydrated.


As a side benefit, a high-quality beard oil will also leave your beard fuller, thicker and glossier.

A healthy lifestyle is key

Combing your beard is not only important to make it look better. It also helps prevent ingrown hair as well as removing dead hair and skin. Combing will also help beard oil and balm through to your hair and onto your skin.

Grooming is also important

A handsome, well-groomed and healthy beard is a journey and doesn't happen overnight. It requires a good grooming-routine and most importantly; consistency.


he Beard Care Kit from Copenhagen Grooming contains everything you need in your daily grooming routine to keep your beard looking fresh and healthy - as well avoid an itchy beard. The kit contains a beard wash (The 8AM Splash), a beard oil (The Beard Hero), a keychain comb and a styling balm (The Cruise Control) to help you style and control your beard.

How to keep your beard soft and healthy?

Your beard and the hair on top of your head is not the same. Facial hair contains thicker hair cuticles and has a wirier texture than the hair on your head. Therefore, the need for care is also different.


Using a regular shampoo for your beard is not recommendable, as it will strip away the natural oils on your skin that keeps your beard hydrated. Without these oils, your beard will become dry and irritated.


Instead, a real beard wash will keep in the oils you need, while also cleaning your beard from odours, bacteria, dirt and other things that your beard gets exposed to during the day.

Pro tips


Here are a few extra tips on keeping your beard soft and healthy: Always use a clean towel when drying your beard after you've washed it. Avoid rubbing your face too harshly with the towel. Also, avoid touching your beard too much during the day as bacteria from your hands may be transferred to your beard and cause problems. Finally, if you easily suffer from skin irritation, use an electric trimmer instead of a razor blade when trimming your beard.

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Simon Bang, Co-Founder

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