Moonroller Cleanser

Effective cleaning of your Moonroller.
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Moonroller Cleanser

Why it’s special

Cleansing. Antibacterial. Refreshing.

The Moonroller Cleanser is designed to clean the Moonroller.

Clears out impurities from the Moonroller without compromising skin safety.
Includes a skin-conditioning agent, maintaining the softness and safety of your skin.
Is antiseptic, preventing bacterial growth, ensuring your Moonroller stays sanitary.

How to guide

How to use the Moonroller Cleanser

Before you start rolling, spray a couple of pumps of The Moonroller Cleanser on the needles. Make sure you hit the entire head of the roller.
Roll like usual.
For the overachiever: Wash your roller with warm water before you put the roller back in the case. You can repeat the process with the Moonroller Cleanser after your rolling session with a couple of sprays, rinse with water again, and then put it back in the case. This last step will not be necessary but will definitely ensure your roller is cleaner than clean!

More than a feeling

Safe hair stimulation with every roll

The Moonroller Cleanser is made to make the use of The Moonroller safe from bacteria.

More than a feeling

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Easy to use, does its job and sprays with good accuracy.


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