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How to use a derma roller for beard growth

If you want to try something new to stimulate beard hair growth, you may have heard of derma rollers. It might look intimidating, but these tools are actually quite simple and can be incredibly beneficial for those with patchy or slow-growing beards.

But what does a beard roller do? Derma rolling, also known as micro-needling or "beard rolling," involves a small cylindrical drum of 540 titanium needles rolled across the skin. This procedure creates small pinpricks that prompt the skin's natural healing process by boosting the production of collagen, elastin, and blood flow to the area. 

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1. Preparation time

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Simple as that.  Put the brakes on - you will have to prep yourself, your facial hair, and your Beard Roller before rolling. 

  • Clean your Beard Roller - Make sure your roller is clean and disinfected before use. 
  • Wash your facial area - Clean your face with facial soap and your hands with water.
  • Trim your beard - If you need to shape your beard, do it before you start micro-needling. This will prevent hairs and dirt from collecting in the newly created micro-channels. 

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2. The fun part (a.k.a. rolling time)

It's now time for the micro-needling to begin. Here are a few tips to bear in mind: 

  • Apply light and gentle pressure - When using your Beard Roller, don’t press too hard (it really shouldn't hurt). Applying too much pressure will not only cause pain, it can also take way longer for your skin to regenerate. Think of how you wouldn’t over train one section of your body to maximize results, this is basically the same thing.

  • Go slowly - Don’t rush micro-needling. Work on small sections at a time. Roll10 times, horizontally, 10 times vertically and 10 times diagonally to secure the best overall coverage of an area, then stop. Over-rolling may cause irritation, so take it easy.

  • Be careful - If you have a longer beard, be mindful when rolling. Roll only in the direction of facial hair growth to avoid snags and tangles.

  • Be patient - Your beard won’t magically become lusher after the first use. Enjoy the benefits of your Beard Roller by having a consistent and regular schedule. We recommend rolling every third day - no more no less.  

3. The aftermath

Once you’re done rolling, you can take some extra steps to further boost your beard. 

  • Many of our customers enjoy a second wash after each session of Beard Rollin’, This is not a must but can be beneficial for the overall feel of your skin. Rinse your face and hands with soap and water to make sure all bacteria are gone. 

  • Apply desired products - Apply skin and facial care products in the correct order: The beard growth serumThe Activator, a beard moisturizer (we recommend The Greenkeeper) and then lastly a Beard Oil - Here you should definitely check out the Beard Hero, our "no-bullshit-no-pipette" beard oil/serum. 
  • Clean up - Rinse your Beard Roller with lukewarm water and keep it stored in a dust-free place (the Beard Roller case will be a great, great choice). Don’t share your roller with others.

The steps listed above may sound like a lot, but when you get the hang of it it will be as simple as brushing your teeth. And now we’re at it, just like keeping your teeth healthy, keep up a regular rolling schedule and combine with The Beard Growth Kit to get the best results.

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