Beard Hero

Beard Oil Serum for a fuller, healthier-looking beard.
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Beard Hero

Why it’s special

The moisturizer for any Beard

A Beard Oil Serum that eliminates dryness and nourishes the beard for a fuller, thicker, and healthier look. 

Enhances beard thickness and increases the hairs diameter by 11,3% on average
Seals moisture within the hair for up to 72 hours
An excellent companion to The Beard Growth Kit and adds shine to your beard journey

More than a feeling

Beard Hero in numbers

The active ingredients from stem cell technology, backed by clinical trials, show these results:

Deep hydration
Increase in hair diameter

Beard hero

See it in action

How to guide

How to apply the Beard Hero

Dispense a couple of pumps of the Beard Hero into your palm.
Apply the serum from the root to the tip of your beard hair.
Leave it in to nourish and protect your beard.

More than a feeling

Key ingredients

Powered by the Three active ingredients, Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil, NaturePep® Amaranth, and Castor Oil, this formula locks in moisture and increases hair diameter.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mathias Nørreslet

Amazing product, moisturizes without getting it greasy.

Edward Torres

Great product! And it really does work ! It help you get your little vellus hairs to turn terminal just alittlebit quicker! It does indeed make your beard thicker and healthier ! I highly recommend this product!

J B Cordani

Fresh smelling beard lotion that leaves your beard looking fuller and shinier


Great product, which I genuinely love and is my typical go to beard oil/balm product.
Whilst pricey, I can’t really fault the actual product much.
However, be aware that, as a result of being shipped from Denmark, shipping to the UK can take around a week min. Furthermore and much more of an issue for me is that, when my latest order arrived in the UK I was informed by Royal Mail that I had to pay £35 import duty tax. Given my order cost around £75 this would have meant that I’d have to pay almost 50% more to actually receive my order. That said, this has only ever happened to my last order so I’m not sure whether it’s an error or not, nevertheless it’s v frustrating.

Panos Bartzis

Smooths nicely, conditions the beard with lasting effects throughout the day, and has a great but also discrete scent


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