Beard Growth Kit + Sidekick

The unique 3-step process to boost beard growth + beard supplements.
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Beard Growth Kit + Sidekick


Growth progress

Some of our awesome guys have shared their progress pictures with us after they have seen amazing results by using our Beard Growth Kit. Slide to see the progress.










We’ve got your back!

We have great confidence in our Beard Growth Kit—enough confidence to offer you a Growth Guarantee. Yep, If you don’t see any results when using the Beard Growth Kit, you get your money back.

The Beard Growth Guarantee can only be claimed once per customer.
Use the Beard Growth Kit as recommended for at least 150 days. (This includes not taking a break during the 150 days, and not trimming further down than 4 mm.)
Make sure to document your progress with monthly pictures.
No results? Click “Claim guarantee”, fill out the formula, and choose your preferred reimbursement option.
Once your claim is validated, please return the empty products. Please note that you are responsible for covering the shipping costs. Upon receipt, we will happily issue your refund.

How does it work?

The Beard Growth Kit’s unique 3-step process will help boost your beard growth and activate your inactive ‘sleeping’ hair follicles.

Clinical Study

In a 150 days clinical study, our Beard Growth Kit has proven impressive results:

Activated new facial hairs
Denser beard growth
Improved hair thickness

The Kit includes


Sidekick contains multiple vitamins, and just to name a few, Biotin, Zinc and Selenium, that help maintain a beard

Beard Roller

Maximizes serum absorption and stimulates the inactive hair follicles

Beard Activator

Activates your facial hairs and boosts your beard growth


Designed to clean the Beard Roller

Keychain Comb

Will make you the most groomed man in the room

beard growth kit

See it in action

How to use the Beard Growth Kit

Step 01
Step 02
Step 03

Clean the Beard Roller

Clean the Beard Roller with the Beard Roller Cleanser. Make sure you hit the entire "head" of the Beard Roller.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
paul mcgivern

I really like the product

The victim

Derma Roller - Really good quality and nice to use compared with other rollers I tried, no squeaking when it rolls, looks good and no fear of it damaging my skin. The cleansing spray is nice I also use it for my electric razor. I would say it's a quality product and value is a matter of perspective, there are definitely cheaper alternatives but the quality is good so I can't complain.

The Sidekick - for me it's a multivitamin and nothing more or less, however I hear a beard can be an indicator of a good or bad diet, so maybe it can help if used with a good healthy diet, which mine is for a sports person 🙂.

The activator - not sure what this does, I think it's a nice product to use and in my opinion may help thicken the existing hairs over time or maybe develop the tiny white hairs you have over time (it won't make hairs grow where there aren't any in my experience), my patches remained the same but I can cover them as my hair has thickened which would happen anyway given time . I continue to use this product as I don't notice it on my face and I want to see if it can thicken my hair over two months or develop the white hairs. I know for a fact it won't grow hair on completely bald patches as that's down to genetics, diet, etc.

For me the products are good, however beware of the marketing name "beard growth kit" - it is specifically designed for aiding beard growth but accept the limits your genetics have . I'm glad I tried it out and I think the products are good quality so I will be looking at Copenhagen Grooming for other products, as like my hair on my head needs shampoo and conditioner my beard has benefitted from using products.


Erg goed, resultaat toont al na 2 maanden ongeveer

Bruno Jaworsky

I'm using it for 30 days and I can see already the results, looking forward to see after 150 days.

Christian Eckeroth

I have only been using the kit for about a month but I can already see hairs starting to grow in places I never had any beard hair before so I’m super happy about that. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t take a long time. I would definitely recommend this for any guy wanting to grow/fix his beard.


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