The Beard Roller

Revolutionizing. Growth Stimulating. Precision till its core.
Activate your facial hair follicles, maximize your serum absorption and boost your beard growth to its full potential!

Shop Now - $ 66


The Activator Serum

Naughty by nature. Growth stimulating. Natural, active ingredients.

Shop Now - $ 49


The Beard Roller Sanitizer

Cleansing. Antibacterial. Refreshing.
Our unique sanitizer spray is designed to clean your Beard Roller with effective yet sensitive ingredients.

Shop Now - $ 15


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Get updated and stay tuned!

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Our claims are based on clinical studies of our products. All men are different and the results from using The Beard Growth Kit vary - and some men might not see any improvement at all. Therefore, we cannot guarantee results from using our products. However, what we can guarantee is that we offer your money back if you don’t see any results after 150 days and have followed the simple conditions in our Growth Guarantee.