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3 Maintenance Hacks for a clean machine

So, you've embarked on your Beard Growth - or Hair Growth Journey to unlock your best potential hair growth, and you already know how to use a derma roller for beard growth (or hair growth). No matter how long you have been on your growth journey you might at one point start to think that your derma roller is beginning to look a little messy. Indeed it probably is. And here's the ultimate truth: Cleaning your derma roller is just as crucial as wielding it like a pro. 

And today we will be spilling the tea on some tips that will ensure your derma roller stays in rolling-ready condition. 

1. The Cleanser - The weekly maintenance

Let's bust one myth right off the bat. Contrary to popular belief, the key to getting a clean derma roller (or clean Beard Roller) isn't drowning it in alcohol. Pure alcohol can be damaging to your skin and the roller's head so this is not the recommended way to disinfect your derma roller. That’s why we don't recommend it!

In both the Hair Growth Kit and The Beard Growth Kit you’ll find a compatible Cleanser, also known as a derma roller cleaner. The main ingredients in these are purified water, a mild bacteria killer and then alcohol. This combination is specifically designed to bid farewell to dirt and bacteria without being too harsh on your skin or roller.

The process of using the Cleanser is simple;

  • Before you start rolling, spray a couple of pumps of the cleanser on the needles, make sure you hit the entire head of the roller.
  • Roll like usual
  • For the overachiever: Wash your roller with warm water before you put the roller back in the case. And if you really like it clean, you can repeat the process with the Cleanser after your rolling session with a couple of sprays, rinse with water again and then put it back in the case. This last step will not be necessary but will definitely ensure your roller is cleaner than clean!

2. The Full Monty - the monthly tool treatment

During several sessions of dermarolling, build-up of dead skin cells, sebum and hair is likely to happen on the surface of the roller head. So heads up, this tip won't be necessary for your weekly cleansing game, but once in a while a deep rinse of the roller can be effective for a clean feel for your next roll.

It takes nothing more than a glass, water and clear soap. Yes, this might not be a shocker, but an overnight soapy water immersion can really release all build-up. Simply by letting your derma roller soak in soapy water overnight, you can ensure thorough cleansing and maintenance.

  • Apply approx 5 pumps of the clear soap (hand soap will do just fine) in lukewarm water, drop your derma roller in the glass with the head first.
  • Wait 12 hours.
  • Rinse again with water. 

If you are deep cleaning your Moonroller, then simply push the two buttons around the roller head and detach the entire head in the water. Note: Remember to wash off all soap water from the roller the following day before use. 

3. Storing it properly

There's one thing that can grow faster than Bryan Cranston’s mustache: bacteria. That's why proper storage of your derma roller is just as crucial as keeping it clean.


Follow these simple yet vital steps:


  • Dry it out: Before storing your roller, make sure it's completely dry. Moisture and microorganisms are enemies of its splendor, so give it a good pat down before tucking it away.

  • Embrace the original: Store your derma roller in its original airtight container. This will protect it from any external nasties and dust that might try to invade its pristine condition.

  • Moisture-free zone: Find a safe spot for your roller container, away from your sink is preferred. Keeping it in a dry environment will prevent any unwanted dampness from compromising its hygiene.

By practicing these storage habits, you'll prolong the life and effectiveness of your derma roller, ensuring it remains a true champion in your grooming routine.


In conclusion, maintaining your derma roller is vital for optimal results. Follow these three key steps:


  • Clean with a compatible cleanser, spraying it on the roller before use and rinsing with warm water afterward.

  • Give it a monthly deep cleanse by soaking it in soapy water overnight, then rinse thoroughly.

  • Store it properly by ensuring it's dry before storing in its original airtight container in a moisture-free area.

By following these maintenance hacks, you'll extend the life and effectiveness of your derma roller, maximizing its potential for your hair growth journey.


What can I use to clean my derma roller?

To clean your derma roller, you can use a compatible cleanser specifically formulated for derma rollers or alternatively a mild antibacterial soap.

Can I clean my derma roller without alcohol?

Yes, you can clean your derma roller without alcohol. Pure alcohol can be harsh on your skin and the roller's head. Instead, opt for a cleanser that contains a mild bacteria killer and is gentle on both your skin and the roller.

How do you clean a derma roller before use?

Before use, clean your derma roller by spraying it with a derma roller cleanser or rinsing it with warm water to remove any dirt or debris. Ensure it is completely dry before rolling it on your skin.

Can you wash a derma roller?

Yes, you can wash a derma roller. A deep cleanse can be done by soaking the roller in soapy water overnight, followed by a thorough rinse the next day.

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