Activator GO

A growth-stimulating ball pen targeting bald spots.
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Activator GO

Why it’s special

Activates sleeping follicles and stimulates new beard growth

Activator GO is a Beard Growth Serum in a convenient ball pen. For on-the-go applications anywhere, whilst providing more frequent and precise targeting.

Precise targeting of bald spots with an easy ball-pen application.
Will allow easy access to more frequent applications.
Is an excellent companion to The Beard Growth Kit that maximizes the activation of new follicles in stubborn areas.

More than a feeling

Clinical study

In a 150-day study, The Beard Growth Kit was studied to assess the direct impact of the use of the product on improved hair density and thickness of the hair in the facial area - especially focusing on zones with patchy beard growth. Check out the full study here.

Activated new facial hairs
Denser beard growth
Improved hair thickness


Growth progress

Some of our awesome guys have shared their progress pictures with us after they have seen amazing results by using our Beard Growth Kit. Slide to see the progress.









How to guide

How to apply the Activator GO

The Activator GO shouldn’t replace your Beard Growth Journey with The Beard Growth Kit. It is an add-on product to target bald spots throughout your day.

Locate the bald spot
Press the pen’s base and roll the Activator GO serum with a circular motion
Allow the Activator GO serum to fully absorb.

More than a feeling

Key ingredients

Powered by the three active ingredients, Capilia Longa™, Biotin, and Arginine, this formula fights bald spots and adds laser focus to your Beard Journey.

Key Ingredients

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The Beard Growth Kit

The complete 3-step process to boost your beard.

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