Hair Capsules

Capsules are daily supplements specifically designed for your Hair Journey. Capsules contain nutrients and oils that fit any hair type.
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Hair Capsules

Why it’s special

A supplement for any Hair Journey

Hair Capsules provide a daily dose of Biotin and Zinc which help the maintenance of normal hair, and Copper which contributes to a normal hair pigmentation.

For all hair types
4 active components
Packed with Biotin, Selenium and Zinc, all contributing to normal hair
Includes Copper that contributes to the maintenance of hair pigmentation
400mg of pumpkin seed oil
10000% RI of biotin
Vegan and cruelty-free, of course.

How to guide

How to use the Capsules

Recommended daily intake: 1 capsule.
Take with a glass of water and a meal.
Never exceed daily recommendations.

More than a feeling

Key ingredients

Biotin, Zinc, Copper and Selenium - a unique combination to help maintain a normal hair.

More than a feeling

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stefan Waldhaus

Great, made my hair grow.

Luca Mantenuto

I’m not completely satisfied of this product at the moment. I thought to have some results in two months, as happened with a similar product of another company but everything seems to be quiet regarding growth. Maybe it’s helping with the maintenance. Anyway, the pills seems to be a valid natural supplement and they have a cool look.


Hab noch keine richtige sichtbare Ergebnisse. Werde aber weiter nehmen und weiter beobachten ob was passiert.

Morten Høi

👍👍👍 Virker!

Anton Thevarajah

This product was very helpful for hair growth


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