Guide: How to groom and trim your beard

Written by: Simon Bang


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A beard can truly be a thing of beauty. But to look it’s best, regular maintenances and grooming is necessary. A beard should never be left to its own devices.

Now, grooming a beard may sound easy, but with the vast selection of razors, trimmers, creams, oils and all the rest of it, it can actually be a quite confusing affair. Therefore, lots of men leave this tricky procedure of grooming their beard to a professional barber. But you can’t rely solely on your barber to keep your beard looking fresh and well-groomed.

Follow these four steps to make sure that your beard is healthy, fresh and always looking sharp.

Keep your beard clean

Before any grooming can take place, the first thing you need to do is wash your beard. This is a really important first step, since beards gather a lot of bacteria. It’s therefore really important to keep your beard clean.


Choose a beard cleaner that you can use every single day. The cleaner should be gentle and able to moisturize the skin beneath the beard to prevent flakiness. A solid choice is The 8AM Splash from CPH Grooming, as this beard wash will make sure that the natural oils of your beard stays intact.


A pro-tip when washing your beard is to take a towel and lay it down over the top of your sink. This will help you avoid all those little hairs gather in the sink and eventually clogging it.

De-tangle your beard

The next tip on how to groom your beard properly, is about detangling. Depending on the length of your beard, it will entangle to some extent.


You can basically use any type of comb to detangle your beard. Remember, as you run the comb through the beard, keep going through until you feel no more tension and no more pulling of the beard. Once this occurs, you have gotten rid of all the tangles.


As a side benefit, combing your beard will prevent ingrown hair and make your beard appear fuller. And believe it or not, by combing your beard you will actually train your facial hair to grow in the desired direction.

Trim and style your beard

After you’ve washed and detangled your beard, you are now ready for the third step which is trimming your beard. A well-groomed beard needs to be trimmed regularly. Moreover, trimming actually helps stimulate a healthy beard growth. Avoid trimming your beard when it’s wet as you tend to cut off more than intended at this time.


You can use a variety of tools to trim your beard. For short beards, trimmers and clippers are recommended, whereas for long beards you should use a shear. There are several ways to style a beard, but the most common is leaving the hairs a little longer on the chin and shorter on the sides of your face. We recommend the The Shape Up Kit from CPH Grooming for all your trimming and styling needs.


Always remember to define your neckline, but beware of making the line too thin. Once you’ve trimmed your neckline, follow through with a shave to get completely rid of all the hair.

Finish off with a beard oil


Once you’ve done trimming your beard, finish off with a beard oil for extra softness and hydration. Run the comb through the beard again to distribute the oil evenly on your beard. We recommend using The Beard Hero from CPH Grooming as this beard oil not only prevents dryness, but also leaves the beard fuller and thicker.

Image of Simon Bang, co-founder of Copenhagen Grooming.

Simon Bang, Co-Founder

Meet Simon, one of the co-founders of Copenhagen Grooming. His passion for men's grooming and expertise in communication have shaped the brand's ethos. Simon curates grooming solutions, writes content, and educates about the products.

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