Copenhagen Grooming is not just another cosmetics brand!

We’re a team of passionate people committed to revolutionizing the male grooming industry through the power of stem-cell technology. Our secret? Potent products made with natural active ingredients, that are rigorously researched and tested - also scientifically.

Our approach

From growth products to beard care, skincare, and supplements, we have a diverse range of products to help men look and feel their best, without compromising quality or ethics.

Yearly timeline

The CG Journey

Planting the Seed

The initial concept of The Beard Growth Kit was conceived, marking the beginning of an incredible journey.

Formation and Partnerships

Copenhagen Grooming was officially formed, and along with it, the birth of a synergistic partnership with Vytrus Biotech was initiated.

The First Milestone

The initial version of the Beard Growth Kit was created and samples produced, setting the stage for what would become a reinvented grooming experience.

Digital Presence

We launched our website and Instagram account and began our digital journey.

The First Sale

Our Beard Growth Kit hit the market and was sold in over 70 countries from day one.

Creating a Global Impact

We achieved a significant milestone with 100,000 customers worldwide.

Expanded Horizons

Our Barcelona office opened, further expanding our international reach.

The press started picking up

Our brand, Copenhagen Grooming, gathered considerable attention and acclaim, being highlighted in prominent publications like GQ, Men’s Health, and Wired among others.

The Beard Hero

We launched our second product - the Beard Hero, marked by a grand celebratory launch party.

Home in Copenhagen

We moved into our spacious new office in Nord Vest, Copenhagen, marking a monumental moment in our timeline.

The Beard Care Kit

In addition to our Beard Hero, we also introduced a kit tailored specifically for styling and caring for any type of beard. This comprehensive beard kit includes a variety of


A significant milestone was reached in our world of cosmetics. Recognizing the immense potential of stem-cell technology, we launched three skincare kits under the

Retail Expansion

Our products made a successful debut in renowned retailers online and offline, including Matas, Magasin, Boozt, Amazon, Lyko, and more. This expansion signified our

The Hair Growth Kit

Leveraging the remarkable potential of stem-cell technology used in The Beard Growth Kit, we proudly introduced the Hair Growth Kit as part of our product range. With a new

+600.000 customers worldwide

Our global community of over 600,000 customers is making a positive impact. They shape our products and empower men worldwide, inspiring confidence and self-


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