Hair Growth Kit + Growth Accelerator

The comprehensive 3-step solution to regain control of hair loss and boost hair growth, along with our stimulating shampoo.
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Hair Growth Kit + Growth Accelerator


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Use the Hair Growth Kit for 150 days


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Hair Growth Kit + Growth Accelerator  Copenhagen Grooming

Why it’s special

Reduce and reverse hair loss

The Hair Growth Kit combines microneedling and Triple Complex™ to effectively reverse hair loss and enhance scalp health, combined with our Growth Accelerator shampoo.

Microneedling: Boosts blood flow and nutrient delivery, reducing hair loss and promoting regrowth.

Hair Activator: Transitions follicles to growth phase for fuller, thicker hair.

Triple Complex™: The active ingredients enhance hair density, new growth and health.

Reduces Hair Loss: Microalgae-infused shampoo prolongs the hair cycle.

Complete Care: Combines Hair Growth Kit's technology with Growth Accelerator shampoo for optimal results.

more than a feeling

Clinical Study

150-day study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of The Hair Growth Kit:

Avg. new hairs
Improved hair density
Hair loss reduction
Increased follicle activation

What's inside

The Hair Growth Kit + Growth Accelerator Shampoo

Growth Accelerator

Stimulating shampoo, reducing hair loss through stem cells and natural ingredients. Suitable for all hair types.


A specialized derma roller that creates micro-channels, boosts blood flow, and optimizes serum absorption.

Hair Activator

Stimulates new hair growth by activating follicles and preventing them from entering the hair loss phase.


Ensures effective cleaning of the Moonroller. Made with mild ingredients, to secure scalp safety.

More than a feeling

Utilizing stem cell technology

This bundle uses natural plant stem cells to stimulate the scalp and follicles. The Triple Complex™ formula, which includes microalgae and plant root stem cells, ensures optimal effectiveness.

Capilia Longa™

Derived from turmeric, it re-activates the hair growth cycle, promotes follicle transition to the growth phase and reduces hair loss.

Centella Reversa™

Accelerates micro-wound healing, enhances scalp health, and promotes cell regeneration, effectively revitalizing hair follicles.

Elaya Renova™

Derived from wild olive trees, it reinforces hair strands, increases thickness, and nourishes the scalp for fuller, and stronger hair growth.

Microalgae Extract

Reduces hair loss, strengthens hair, and boosts body and volume.

Wheat Protein

Minimizes breakage and friction and reduces split ends for stronger, easier-to-style hair.

How to use

Hair Growth Kit and Growth Accelerator

Hair Growth Kit
  • Wet your hair thoroughly to prepare your scalp and hair for cleansing.

  • Massage the shampoo gently from the roots and down the lengths of your hair.

  • Leave in for a few minutes to allow the active ingredients to work effectively. Rinse thoroughly. For maximum benefits, repeat the application.


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Get the ultimate Hair Growth Kit!

The complete kit to regain control of hair loss and boost hair growth + supplements.

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