Do Beard Growth Kits really work?

Written by: Simon Bang


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You have just clicked a link on Google after a couple of search words, right? Or did one of our newsletters catch your attention? Gotcha. Welcome! Our guess is that you have two burning questions right now. “What is a beard growth kit, and can it help my beard become fuller?!” Well, this is where we come in. In this blog post, we’ll answer the questions above and many more. So buckle up and let us inform you about the wonders of natural beard stimulation - grooming essentials designed to elevate the overall health and aesthetics of your beard.


Now, for the million-dollar question - "Does the beard growth kit work?" Based on thorough research, studies (yes we actually have science backing up our products) and feedback from more than 500.000 customer base, our answer is yes! 

The science behind our Beard Growth Kit

Our Beard Growth Kit, when employed consistently and correctly, supplies essential nutrients to your beard, facilitating growth and enhancing the total health of your beard and the skin beneath it. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, diet, and overall health play a role in the outcome, but we have a 94% success rate of boosting beards, so chances are that it might also work for you.

If you are interested in the 150-day study you can read more about it here.

Our Beard Growth Kit doesn't just claim to work based on theories. Besides studies, the proof also lies in its formulation and the experience of countless satisfied users around the globe. Each component has a unique role to play, contributing to an enriched grooming routine that fuels the growth of a healthier, fuller beard. 

Designed by us, inspired by you

When we designed The Beard Growth Kit, we embraced the multifaceted approach to beard growth. We didn’t focus solely on activating new beard growth, but also making the results last even after your Beard Journey is over. The unrivaled efficacy of our Beard Growth Kit is especially found in our choice of ingredients and the unique science behind each component.

So to put it simple; the design and use of The Beard Growth Kit is based on real feedback from people and scientific reasoning, it includes:

  1. Derma Roller for beard growth: Our Beard Roller consists of 540 titanium needles that create micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. This stimulates collagen production through a healing response and not only ensures a boosted blood flow that's essential for activating new beard growth, but also enables better absorption of the active ingredients in our Beard Growth Serum.


  2. Beard Growth serum: Our Activator is including the powerful ingredients Capilia Longa, Biotin, and Arginine, known for stimulating hair follicles, enhancing keratin structures and boosting circulation. These ingredients create a better environment for optimal beard growth, nourishing your facial hair and the skin beneath. Intended for daily use, The Activator is easy to apply and leaves no scent. It's free from parabens and artificial colors, ensuring it's safe for all skin types.

  •  Capilia Longa: This is an innovative and bioactive ingredient with clinically proven benefits in hair and beard health. It is sourced with stem cell technllogy from Curcuma longa, a plant species in the tumeric family renowned for its medicinal properties. The effectiveness of Capilia Longa in promoting hair growth lies in its ability to stimulate specific signaling molecules in the dermal papilla cells. These molecules then initiate the Anagen phase which is the active growth phase of hair follicles.

  • Biotin: Commonly known as Vitamin B7, Biotin has been scientifically linked to hair health. It improves your body's keratin infrastructure - the protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails. This results in denser and more robust facial hair.

  • Arginine: This essential amino acid has wide-ranging positive effects on beard health. The L-Arginine, an essential amino acid, is enhancing the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles. Therefore, it improves the overall environment for optimal beard growth.

3. Sanitizing spray: Our Cleanser is… well, cleansing. Antibacterial and refreshing, The Beard Roller Cleanser is designed to clean the Beard Roller. Simple as that.

I got a beard in 150 days, now what?

When people have doubted the powerful solution to better beard growth with questions like “do beard kits really work?” or “do facial hair growth products work”? - a lot of these doubters have gotten results within the 150 days of use of the beast beard product there is, The Beard Growth Kit. But then the next question arises: “Will the gains stay?”.


We're delighted to confirm that the answer is yes! The gains you make are here to stay. Our Beard Growth Kit is not ranked as some of the world’s best beard products for a reason.  Contrary to most medicines like minoxidil, our Beard Growth Kit is designed to produce lasting results by stimulating and nourishing your hair follicles, activating sleeping follicles to enter the hair growth cycle . Especially the active ingredient Capilia Longa works on a deeper, cellular level, bringing improvements that don't disappear.


Here’s a CG customer telling a bit about his beard after discontinued use of the beard growth kit:

Check out before/after use of our Beard Roller

The following results have been achieved with our Beard roller in combination with our Beard Growth Kit.

Science, research and lots of fuller beards

In conclusion, our Beard Growth Kit is more than just a collection of products; it's based on methodical research, science, and the feedback of over 500,000 satisfied customers. That’s why we believe that a holistic and scientifically-backed approach towards achieving a fuller beard is the right one. With the Copenhagen Grooming Beard Growth Kit, stimulating your beard to a fuller one isn't a temporary solution, but a sustainable and rewarding journey.


Want to dive even deeper into the usage of af derma roller for beard? Have a look at our How to use a derma roller for beard guide.



Do beard growth kits work?

Yes, beard growth kits can certainly work. It's important to understand that beard growth is typically based on genetics, but our beard growth kit can still help you reach your full potential. Note: There are a lot of replica kits on the market. These kits typically include products that claim to create the ideal conditions to stimulate beard growth, however, these only include beard shampoos, oils and brushes with no science to back up their claims. The Beard Growth Kit is the only kit on the market that provides necessary nutrients for your beard and enhance the blood circulation, leading to better beard growth over time.

What is the best beard growth kit?

From our perspective, science and customer feedback, Copenhagen Grooming’s Beard Growth Kit is the most effective one in the market. It features a Beard Growth Roller, The Beard Activator, and our proprietary Beard Roller Cleanser which work together to stimulate growth and ensure that facial hair grows in stronger, thicker, and healthier.

How to use beard growth kit?

The Activator should be applied once every morning. It's a leave-in Serum, meaning that you don't have to wash your face after application. Apply 2 pumps after washing your face. We recommend using the Beard Roller 2 times a week for best results. Spray The Beard Roller with The Beard Roller Cleanser (2-3 sprays) before use. Wash The Beard Roller with warm (not boiling) water after use.

Image of Simon Bang, co-founder of Copenhagen Grooming.

Simon Bang, Co-Founder

Meet Simon, one of the co-founders of Copenhagen Grooming. His passion for men's grooming and expertise in communication have shaped the brand's ethos. Simon curates grooming solutions, writes content, and educates about the products.

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