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Having a thick beard is desired by many and for a good reason. Not only does it look good and makes you more attractive, but it also gives you more styling options. If you're able to grow a nice, thick beard, you will have multiple beard styling options to choose from, which you won't have to the same degree if you have a thinner beard. 

However, there are more benefits of having a thick beard than "just" the attractive look of it. We will be looking into these, as well as how to obtain the highly-coveted thick beard, in the following.

Benefits of having a thick beard

Besides the attractive look of a thick beard, having a thick beard comes with several other benefits. Some of which you probably would have never thought of. 


Beards may repel dangerous and harmful bacteria – especially thick beards. Thick beards generally provide great protection to the skin on your face from wind, pollution, and harmful UV radiation from the sun. Therefore, thick beards can help reduce the risks of skin cancer and other harmful conditions. 


Furthermore, a long and thick beard can help keep you warm in the winter and colder weather. The thicker the beard, the better it will insulate your face. 


Now, we know that the main reason you're interested in growing a thick beard is probably because of the look, which is completely understandable. Studies have shown that men with beards feel more attractive and are also perceived as more attractive in the eyes of women. There's a general consensus that men with beards have a powerful look.

What makes a beard grow thick?

Your ability to grow a thick beard is primarily a matter of genetics. Some naturally grow a thick beard, whereas others grow a thinner or patchy beard. Some men are barely able to even grow facial hair. There are, however, several things that can make a beard appear thicker, such as the color and length of the beard as well as how it's groomed and trimmed.


What can you do to grow a thicker beard?

If you're not one of the lucky ones who naturally has a thick beard, do not despair. There are multiple things you can do to help your beard to grow thicker and make your beard seem thicker.

Take good care of your skin and your beard

One of the best ways to strengthen your beard and thicken it is to take good care of it, including your skin. A healthy beard will not only look better but also grow faster and thicker. Therefore, remember to wash your beard regularly with a good beard wash and moisturize your face every day. 


Applying face creme to your face while having a beard can be difficult though. Instead, use a beard oil. Beard oils can work their way through your beard and onto your skin, thus moisturizing it and preventing the skin from drying out. This will help thicken the beard. 


Make sure you always use actual beard products as the hair on your head differs from the hair on your face. Also, only using products with natural ingredients as chemicals and unnecessary additives may damage your beard – and your health in general. The Beard Care Kit from Copenhagen Grooming is a good choice if you're looking for high-quality beard products without chemicals to care for your beard.

Take good care of yourself

You should take good care of not only your beard but also yourself. A healthy lifestyle will reflect how your beard appears and its ability to grow thick and long. Therefore, eat a healthy and balanced diet to make sure your hair follicles are properly nourished and have the vitamins and minerals that they need. Also, remember to get some rest and relax as stress has a substantial negative impact on your beard.

Dye your beard

There are also some tricks to make your beard appear thicker than it is. One of those tricks is to trim it cleverly, so it appears thicker. For instance, shave your neck and keep the sides short, making the rest of the beard seem thicker.


If everything fails, you may also consider dyeing your beard. Dyeing your beard is a great way of making it look thicker. Black and dark beards generally appear thicker than brighter beards, but regardless of what color your beard is, it will appear thicker and fuller with some dye. As a side bonus, this will also take care of any grey hair you may have!


The Dye Hard from Copenhagen Grooming comes in two colours that fit every shade and every men.

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