Siden her bruger sectionen 3.1.8 - metaobjects, som kan vise metaobjects af en specifik type, og paginere dem - dvs. have "vis mere" funktionen. Skal der være testimonials udelukkende for f.eks. hårvækst kan dette gøres ved at lave en ny type med samme struktur som den oprindelige "Testimonials", og herefter bruge typen for den, på sektionen.

Link til opsætning af metaobjects som bruges her, af type "testimonial".
Elementerne vises i alfabetisk rækkefølge, baseret på deres "handle", som ses under hver "testimonial". Dem kan I frit ændre, i denne sammenhæng - men det må nødvendigvis ikke gøres fra andre typer - som f.eks for country, hvor vi bruger handlet til at identificere pågældende land.

3.1.8 findes også som en "normal" section, som ikke bruger metaobjects - som er begrænset til 8 stks, og læser data direkte fra section blocks.


“This amazing product I have been using for a little while now, called the Beard Growth Kit by Copenhagen Grooming, it’s really a game changer!? I have been using it for about 6 months now, and it has done wonders for me."


"Thanks for this amazing opportunity to hit my upmost potentially with these incredible gains thanks to your beard growth kit. I can't thank you enough!"


“Trust me, guys, I have been using this stuff for about 10 months now, and how much my beard comes on is ridiculous.”

Jordyn Pollack

“I started using these products you see in the next photo about 5 months ago! With the combination of the beard growth kit and the beard oils, I believe these products have helped boost my beard thickness and patchiness tremendously ?⚡️”

Kyle Headley

“This is seven months of usage of the beard growth kit. I suffered from Alopecia after a stressful period in my life.”


”Anyone that is sceptical, believe me it does and my photos are proof. The reason I’m sending photos is because I have seen a lot of people ask if it works for alopecia and I can turn round and say yes it does”

Luke Domond

“This amazing product I been using for a little while now called the Beard Growth Kit by Copenhagen Grooming, it’s really a game changer! 🔥 Been using it for about 6 months now and it has done wonders for me.“

Montrell Thomas

“I been trying to grow a beard all my life haha I am 30 now so I had try something and it’s working!!”


"Don’t have much to say other than your products are the best and has helped treat my alopecia!”

Roberto Perez

“I started using the kit exactly on September 12, 2019, its been 5 months and I’m heading towards the whole year and beyond to keep evolving with their incredible products! CG you guys changed my life and increased my confidence. As I’ve always said, your products are simply magical.”


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