CMD-Z (Outlet)

The 4-Step routine to fight acne-prone, impure, and oily skin.
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CMD-Z (Outlet)

The kit includes


Active daily cleanser
Instantly calms irritation while leaving your skin renewed and energized.


Purifying face cream
Targets impurities, reduces irritations and provides a cooling effect.

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Exfoliating Serum
Fights pimples, repairs imperfections, and reduces the pore size.


Spot Gel
Targets pimples by reducing swelling and regaining bacterial balance.

More than a feeling

The CMD-Z in numbers

The active ingredients from stem cell technology, backed by clinical trials, show these results:

Less inflammation
Reduction of pore size

how to guide

How to use CMD-Z

Active Cleanser
Purifying face cream
Exfoliating serum
Spot Gel

Start your skincare routine by applying a few pumps of Restart on your moist face and neck. Rinse thoroughly while avoiding the eyes.

More than a feeling

Effective ingredients, mild on your skin

Powered by these active ingredients, securing you effective skincare, made for sensitive skin:

Key Ingredients

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