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Achieving a thicker, healthier beard is simpler with the right approach. The Beard Growth Kit offers a clear, three-step regimen to enhance your beard's growth. This guide will show you how to use the kit for optimal results, ensuring your beard becomes denser and more robust.

Step 1: Start with a clean roller

  • Sanitize Before Use : Use The Cleanser provided in your kit to thoroughly spray The Beard Roller's needles, eliminating bacteria and preventing skin irritation. Make sure to hit the entire roller head.
  • Allow to Air Dry : After sanitizing, let The Beard Roller air dry for a few moments to ensure it's completely clean before use.
  • Foundation for Growth : This crucial step ensures a hygienic start, setting the stage for a safe and effective beard growth journey.

Step 2: Stimulate growth through rolling

  • Roll in Three Directions : Use The Beard Roller to stimulate growth by rolling 10 times vertically, horizontally, and diagonally over your beard area to ensure thorough coverage.
  • Regular Use for Optimal Results : Roll once every three days to balance stimulation with skin recovery, promoting healthy beard growth.
  • Comprehensive Coverage : This method ensures every part of your beard area is stimulated, encouraging uniform growth.

Step 3: Nourish with activator serum

  • Nourish with The Activator : After rolling, apply The Activator serum to your beard. Remember to use the activator daily, also on non-rolling days.
  • Even Application : Dispense a small amount onto your fingertips and evenly distribute it across your skin underneath your beard, targeting areas requiring extra growth.
  • Absorption Before Layering : Ensure the serum fully absorbs into your skin and hair follicles before applying any other facial products.

Bringing it all togehter

Incorporating The Beard Growth Kit into your daily grooming routine is more than a step towards a better beard; it's an investment in its future. By combining the sanitizing, stimulating, and nourishing power of this kit, you can create the perfect conditions for your beard to thrive.

Whether you're filling in patches, enhancing thickness, or starting from scratch, The Beard Growth Kit is your companion on the path to beard greatness - and remember, success in beard growth is a game of consistency and patience.


How often should I use The Beard Growth Kit?

Beard Roller : Use every third day to allow the skin to regenerate. Roll gently over the skin, do not share, and replace after about 6 months or if needles dull. Avoid using on irritated skin and always sanitize with the provided Cleanser.

Activator : Apply daily on specific areas, let it absorb fully before styling or continuing with your routine.

Do I need to continue using the kit to maintain my results?

The formation of vellus hair can take around 2 to 12 months (in some rare cases even longer) to reach a terminal state, where your hair will appear coarser and darker. Afterward, frequent application of The Activator and rolling is no longer required. However, we do recommend continuing to apply The Activator and roll with The Beard Roller once a week, once the desired result is reached.

What helps beard growth besides using The Beard Growth Kit?

To enhance beard growth alongside using the top-rated Beard Growth Kit, consider these tips: engage in regular exercise and eat a well-balanced diet to keep your testosterone levels optimal, which can boost beard growth. Using a beard comb regularly helps stimulate blood circulation, promoting healthier growth. Additionally, selecting a beard style that matches your face shape can give the appearance of a fuller beard. For more advice on beard care, visit our blog posts for articles on achieving and maintaining the best beard possible.

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