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Beard Growth Kit + SideKick

The unique 3-step process to boost beard growth + beard supplements.
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Beard Growth Kit + SideKick


Growth progress

Some of our awesome guys have shared their progress pictures with us after they have seen amazing results by using our Beard Growth Kit. Slide to see the progress.









How does it work?

The Beard Growth Kit’s unique 3-step process will help boost your beard growth and activate your inactive ‘sleeping’ hair follicles.

What can I expect?

The beard journey differs from person to person. Some men start seeing gains right at the beginning of their journey, while others see gains after a couple of months when using The Beard Growth Kit consistently.

The beard growth kit

See it in action


Don't take our word for it


"I have a bald spot on my chin and upper neck that I want to get rid of. Very happy after just a month's progress! I can also see (not visible in the picture) many new white hairs on my chin!"

Luke Domond

“This amazing product I have been using for a little while now, called the Beard Growth Kit by Copenhagen Grooming, it’s really a game changer!? I have been using it for about 6 months now, and it has done wonders for me."


"Within a week of using it, I noticed my hair stopped falling out. 6 months later, my beard is nearly grown back completely. Anyone that is sceptical it doesn't work, believe me, it does, and my photos are proof.”

Morgan Noble

“Trust me, guys, I have been using this stuff for about 10 months now, and how much my beard comes on is ridiculous.”

Jordyn Pollack

“I started using these products you see in the next photo about 5 months ago! With the combination of the beard growth kit and the beard oils, I believe these products have helped boost my beard thickness and patchiness tremendously ?⚡️”


“This serum is amazing never had this beard... its all new”

Quinton Wade Perkins

“Don’t have much to say other than your products are the best and has helped treat my alopecia!”

Montrell Thomas

“I been trying to grow a beard all my life haha I am 30 now so I had try something and it’s working !!”


"I've used it for 3 months, and after that, I really noticed a difference as you can see. I will keep using the products to grow an even fuller beard. Thank you for everything!"


“You are awesome!”

Jonathon Pena

”Before picture: That was me attempting to first grow out my beard naturally. (2 months without shaving. also day 1 of my journey with your products).⁠ After photo: 6 months later. If there is any advice I would give to anyone, it's use Copenhagen Grooming and STAY consistent!”


"Thank you very much this product is just awesome!"


"You guys rock"

Kyle Headley

“This is seven months of usage of the beard growth kit. I suffered from Alopecia after a stressful period in my life.”

Roberto Perez

"In January 2019, I was diagnosed with a bad case of Alopecia (...) The before and after photos are in a span of 7 weeks. I hope this story shows how well your product works!"


“I am very proud and relived that my beard looks normal again”

Why is this combo made for your Beard Journey?

The Sidekick is a great companion to The Beard Growth Kit and is designed as a companion for any  Beard Journey. 

The Sidekick contains multiple vitamins, and just to name a few, Biotin and Selenium, which both help maintain a normal beard. And if you are looking for maintenance of your pigment and normal iron transport in the body, we got you covered! Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation and a normal functioning energy-yielding metabolism. 

Simply designed with your beard in mind. 

The Kit includes


The Sidekick contains multiple vitamins, and just to name a few, Biotin, Zinc and Selenium, that help maintain a beard

Beard Roller

Maximizes serum absorption and stimulates the inactive hair follicles


Activates your facial hairs and boosts your beard growth


Designed to clean The Beard Roller

Keychain Comb

Will make you the most groomed man in the room


We’ve got your back!

We have great confidence in our Beard Growth Kit—enough confidence to offer you a Growth Guarantee. Yep, If you don’t see any results when using the Beard Growth Kit, you get your money back.

Use the Beard Growth Kit for at least 150 days
Make sure to document your progress with monthly pictures
No results? Click “Claim guarantee” and wait for email confirmation
Once your claim is validated, please return your products. Please note, you will need to handle the shipping costs. Upon receipt, we will be delighted to issue your refund

More than a feeling

Clinical Study

In a 150 days clinical study, The Beard Growth Kit has proven impressive results. 

Check out the full study here.

Activated new facial hairs
Denser beard growth
Improved hair thickness

Frequently Asked Questions


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